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Belvidere Mansion

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Attracted by Claremore’s 2 railroads, John M. Bayless came to Indian Territory in 1901. His wife and young children moved to Claremore, and Belvidere, after his death in 1907. His daughter, Francis Bayless Davis and her husband did move to Claremore in 1902 to run the Bank of Claremore, and his oldest son Guy Orlando Bayless arrived to work at the bank in 1904. In 1907, Mr. Bayless moved his family to Sulphur, Indian Territory, first, while he began to build Belvidere. According to the Belvidere Abstract, Bayless bought the property for Belvidere in 1905. Ground breaking began March 1907 according to a Claremore newspaper article. The rest of the family, Mary Melissa Bayless (mother) and her 5 younger children, moved to Claremore sometime between Mr. Bayless’ death (June 2, 1907) and when the mansion was completed and the family took up residence in late November 1907.

The mansion is a unique 3-story Victorian mansion. The house is brick with a tile roof and has 4 towers, 1 on each corner. A portico on the north side provided cover for the guest carriages as they arrived for gala parties. Open year round for shopping, touring, or dining in the Tea Room.
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